Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How long should I burn my candle?

A:  For best results, we recommend burning your Swept Away Scent until the melted wax reaches the edges of the jar.


Q:  Do you accept returns?

A:  At this time, all Swept Away Scents sales are final.  Rest assured that every candle is handmade in Phoenix to ensure quality and consistency.  


Q:  How long does it take to process a custom order?

A:  Great question!  Custom orders are the reason we started this small biz.  After your initial request, we will thoroughly review the custom scent, label and desired timeline.  The process time does vary by size, as we've done custom orders as small as 10 and as large as 100.  


Q:  Do you offer wholesale opportunities? 

A:  If you're based in the Phoenix metropolitan area - yes!  Please complete the form here to apply for an account.